HOG Yule 2014

This is another backlog post! That means it's not fancy with pictures and stuff like my other posts, just here for reference. A lot of these products are discontinued/past limited edition.

These are from House of Gloi's Yule 2014 collection (but not with the non-perfume products). Enjoy!

Fancy Bread

"Ripe banana, roasted nuts, and brown sugar folded into a delicious quick bread."

Me: In bottle: Whoah, banana bread. Toasty, straight out of the oven banana bread. On skin: The banana fades a ton, and now it smells like faintly cinnamon bread. Actually smells a lot like the knickknacks section of Michaels. It's kinda yummy but not really what I want to smell like, unfortunately. And now it's super spice-y and no bread/baked good smell at all.
Bf: In bottle: Smells like baked good. Not a fan. Wait, you bought more smells? *makes face* On skin: Really smelly cookies. Holiday cookies.
RM: In bottle: Ugh this smells like butter. Why do you keep sending me buttery stuff?! Well, now it smells straight up like Double Bubble. Like those, big league chews. I can't get this open. My life is difficult. Can I use my teeth? Ooh, that's what she said. It's butter. On her skin: Eh, it's not bad. It smells like a cookie. Fine, banana bread. But it also smells like Double Bubble, so. If you want to smell like banana bread Double Bubble, this is your to go. Heh. To go. "Hi, I'd like to get a Double Bubble with a side of banana bread, please."


"The warm glowing center of home. Autumns last apple pickings, warm bread, orange rind, various fire roasted nuts, cracked black pepper all nailed down by an oozing sticky benzoin."

Me: In bottle: This is really similar to Black Violet's Yuzu cookies. Was not expecting that. On skin: There's something really sharp and "autumn candle" about it that reminds me of my Olde Cider Haus whipped soap... there's a little bit of the baking smell in the back. I think I've heard this compared to Solstice Scents' Kitchen; I like Kitchen loads better. After mellowing out, smells like maple syrup.
Bf: In bottle: This one smells like lemon...bake... something ughhh. Eugh bad memories, take them away. On skin: *starts licking my arm* Me: Why are you tasting it?? Him: Doesn't taste very good.
RM: In bottle: Eugh. This smells the same! Like banana bread with flowers or something. On skin: Mmmph. *makes face* Get it out of my nooose.


"The Haus ‘nog! Cream, sugar and a shot of dark rum topped with fresh grated nutmeg."

Me: In bottle: I've actually never had eggnog before, but there's something really sharp and Listerine-y about this. Sweet Listerine. On skin: Mellows a lot to a creamy, spic-y sort of thing. It sticks around for a while.
RM: In bottle: Smells like eggnog. And pot-pourri. Eggnog-flavoured pot-pourri. On skin: Hm. Smells like something's gone bad. Mildewy tee shirt + eggnog? EW. It's rancid now. It's gone sour! Rancidy smelly socks on eggnog.

Sweet Potato Treat

"For me, this is the epitome of holiday comfort food: Sweet potatoes with mild spices, butter and brown sugar baked off with marshmallows."

Me: In bottle: Buttery, syrupy, waffle-y, but no upholstery or sweet potato whatsoever. God it's strong. On skin: Throw is huge, super syrupy, mellows to light syrup and butter.
RM: In bottle: Ewww gross. It smells exactly like Fancy Bread. Why does everything have butter? It doesn't smell like sweet potatoes at all! It does have cinnamon and cardamom though. And something gross. Dare I say, upholstery?


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